Resort Cabin Lovor

Helena log cabin

Located in the most beautiful part of Zlatibor called Krajevi, this log cabin has one bedroom, a spacious living room and a fully equipped kitchenette. 

If you belong to the group of those who want to use their vacation days in the best possible way, then we have great news for you – Helena log cabin is only 5 km away from Zlatibor, while it is only 21 km away from the famous Mokra Gora. 

For those who do not have an adventurous spirit, there is always the possibility of drinking your favorite drink on a small balcony that offers a beautiful view of the mountain. Household activities such as lounging on a comfortable couch, reading a book on the terrace or browsing your favorite portals thanks to wireless internet goes without saying. 

Check out why “Lovor” Resort Cabin is synonymous with quality vacation, book accommodation in Helena log cabin today! 

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