Resort Cabin Lovor

Tara log cabin

The log cabin, which was simply created for family enjoyment, is located in a part of the mountain that can rightly be called the pearl of Zlatibor. Smiljanski zakosi, that magical place where nature can be felt with all the senses, hides a log cabin with a generous offer for all those who are determined to afford  themselves a dream vacation this year. 

Only 5 km away from Zlatibor and 21 km away from Mokra Gora, is enough reason to give this phenomenal house a chance. 

And what it gives you in return is a comfortable living room with a fully equipped kitchenette, as well as one bedroom that offers not only a fantastic opportunity to lie down, but also no less fantastic view of the starry Zlatibor sky. 

There is also a fully equipped bathroom, flat screen TV in the main room, as well as unlimited wireless internet services.

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Included facilities

Facilities outside the building

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