Resort Cabin Lovor

Valentina log cabin

For all lovers of a rustic atmosphere, the Valentina log cabin is a perfect choice for a vacation. 

A log cabin that invites you to hang out with your loved ones and guarantees maximum comfort and convenience in every corner is located only 5 km from Mokra Gora. 

But it is not just its fantastic location that sets it apart from the rest of Zlatibor offer. 

Valentina log cabin is equipped so that you never feel far away from your home, and yet when you just get out on the balcony, which offers a beautiful view of the surrounding forests, will be a sufficient sign that you are in the most beautiful part of Serbia. 

Inside the small log cabin there is enough space for a lovely living room with a fully equipped kitchenette, while in the attic of this wooden beauty is a spacious bedroom ideal for relaxing and watching your favorite TV series.

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